Why Macbuilt

Custom Designed Buildings with your Future Use in Mind

When designing your steel building, we plan for not only your current use, but also your future intended use of the building.  Your intended use plays a major role in the building process, determining the design, ease of building, timeframe to build and also cost.

Structural Engineer Maurice Harris B.Eng(Hons), MIPENZ from Harris Foster Consulting has been influential behind designing the strong and stiffer Macbuilt designs.  These unique designs remove unnecessary braces and supporting piles while retaining the core strength of your building


Fixed Price Guarantee

With the Macbuilt Fixed Price Guarantee our price is our price once terms are agreed it won’t change and that’s a guarantee. We are a 100% owned New Zealand building company, you are dealing with us not an off shore based franchise company

Stronger Bracket Design

The Macbuilt brackets are designed to maximize strength and minimize space, our brackets are an integral part of the building small but strong and not requiring a cumbersome brace up to 20 meters span, cutting down your usable space

We Handle the Red Tape

Building consents can be a daunting prospect, leave it to us we’ll do it for you and we will do it for free. We facilitate the producer statements and lodge the code of compliance application

On Time, Every Time

If you have got a deadline we’ll meet it! Time lines are important to you and to Macbuilt, we need to access the dates required and work backwards ensuring all parties are aware of the requirements

One Stop Shop

We can handle part of your project or all of it from the geo-technical engineer, quantity surveyor, project manager to the interior decorator and all in between from green field to turn key Macbuilt will do it all for you

10 Year Warranty

Builder’s comprehensive 10 year workmanship warranty

Quality of Construction

The strength of our buildings is unsurpassed each portal can carry up to 1 tonne of weight, now that’s strong!


Macbuilt has a range of pre engineered buildings for you to choose from or we will design a building for you to fit your requirements.

Free Preliminary Design

Sort out what you want before you spend a cent, by utilizing our 85+ years of combined experience and our strategic partners, we can offer you the concept and path to completion without incurring large design fees up front.