Harris Foster Consulting (HFC) experience and consultation, design parameters discussed with client needs, environmental factors such as ground conditions and wind zone taken into account where options of building designs are calculated to fulfill the client brief and the capabilities of the design.

From there we will be able to provide an initial costing, where budgets can be set and parameters are given more definition. Our clients find that at this point there is more certainty in taking the next step.

We may do as little as providing structure sizes, a floor plan and an indicatitive quote (picture here with floor plan and HFC preliminary design sheet) or we can detail the building inside and out for the purposes of a full presentation of our proposal.

Advantages of the Preliminary Design
You can quickly see your vision come to life backed up with engineering and design that enables you to make an informed decision. This is a crucial step that can save significant time and money for you. Time and effort taken now before an initial design is completed will enable you to explore the potential possibilities of the site and you budget.

Example: RSS Plastics
This site presented many problems the main one being the sloping hill and the retaining of the hill. There appeared to be only one solution and this was a traditional timber retaining wall followed by the building built as close as possible to the retaining wall. This solution was unattractive as the wall was 80 meters long and the building foot print was 1.5 meters off the boundary there by in effect loosing 120m2, that’s a decent sized building on its own.

With some clever thinking we were able to provide our client with a solution of a concrete tilt panel wall built on the boundary line, using all the available space on the site. The tilt panel walls provided an effective retaining wall, fire wall and structural solution for our client. This was all achieved at the preliminary design stage after the client had spent considerable time and money having a timber retaining wall designed and priced.

Outcome of Preliminary Design
A happy client who saved time and money with a clever/smart solution that gained valuable space that would otherwise have been lost. This is one example of what can be achieved by having a Macbuilt initial consultation and obtaining a free preliminary design, not only can you save time it won’t cost you to find out and it more than likely will save you money.