Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to lodge the building consent?

No. Our team is proficient and experienced with the consent process, we will help you lodge the consent or lodge the consent on your behalf.

Will you charge me to prepare the building consent? 

Generally, no. As part of the design process most of the required components for the building consent will be collected, the building consent application follows naturally. On some larger industrial and commercial projects where consents become very big documents we will negotiate a small fee to prepare the consent.

Isn’t one steel shed brand the same as another?

NO. The old adage applies here; you get what you pay for. Many steel buildings suppliers and franchise companies are owned off shore, these buildings are not designed for NZ conditions. We are 100% NZ owned, designed and operated, we build throughout NZ with our own team no matter where the building is you have a Macbuilt team there.

Do I get a warranty?

All Macbuilt buildings come with a comprehensive 10 year building workmanship warranty. Roofing, cladding and steel structure comes with a minimum of 15 years warranty (location and usage conditions apply)

Are the warranties transferrable if I sell the property?

Yes. The balance of the warranty is transferrable for workmanship and product warranties. The usage conditions still apply for product.

What’s the difference between a pre-engineered building and a design build?

Pre engineered buildings are nominated pre selected sizes with accompanying engineering details. These buildings are “off the shelf” designs and have change limitations. Design build is a specific engineered design for you. Council requirements dictate limitations on pre engineered sheds.

What’s the difference between your concrete floors and others on the market?

Our buildings all have a perimeter channel and either a deep pile or pad base. The ground has a moisture barrier laid down steel mesh and starter bars placed, all prior to the concrete being laid. The difference is our concrete floors form part of the building not a base where a building is bolted to. It makes the whole structure strong and durable.

Do I have a choice in wall and roof cladding?

Yes you do. We use a minimum of 0.40 gauge steel cladding and up to 0.55, the colour range is wide and varied and if you can’t find a colour you like we can colour match to your requirements on request.

Can I have board and batten walls or concrete tilt panels?

Macbuilt can offer you any wall and roof cladding option that you require. The cladding options can be discussed at the preliminary design stage, this is important as sometimes the cladding can affect structure and foundations.

What if I want a steep pitch roof to match my other buildings?

Macbuilt will design the building to your needs and wants, roof pitch requirements are as you specify.

Are your buildings vermin proof?

Macbuilt buildings are designed to have a vermin proofing bottom girt which effectively blocks off the bottom of the cladding. When the building is closed they are vermin proof with the obvious limitations for example we cannot protect against an open door or an open food source drawing in vermin.

What about bird proofing?

The Macbuilt buildings are wide and varied in design and requirements, bird brush can be added to seal off roller doors and the man doors, beyond that these buildings are bird proof.

Can I have a clear roof panel and a roof spinner?

Clear lights are optional as are roof spinners to allow air changes while the building is closed up. The clear lights are great for letting in some natural light, both are available on request.

Where are the Macbuilt buildings designed?

We design all our buildings in New Zealand. This is important as not all shed companies do this and our conditions can be extreme, wind and snow loadings to cite two. We design to meet your needs and the buildings needs, position, wind zone, soil conditions are just some of the many variables that must be taken into account.